About University

Where knowledge is created and shared

Built on the principles of equity, excellence and engagement, the J.S. University has a reputation as a world-class institution making an impact within its own region, throughout the country.

Our research is world-class and diverse. Our degree programs are internationally recognized and our partnerships and collaborations drive innovation. Our alumni are leaders and our students are preparing to make a difference in the world.

Meeting the education challenge

Our University has long been known as a champion of innovative approaches to education. We strive for a dynamic teaching culture that delivers world-class educational outcomes.

As competition for the best and brightest students increases, our long history of offering innovative, problem-based learning across our programs means we are poised to meet the education challenge.

Ready for Life and Work

The urban communities in which we live and work are going through deep and transformative change. We exists to create transformative experiences for our students, getting them ready for life and work, and to help shape the world with research, innovation, teaching and engagement. J.S University has a unique approach to meeting the challenge of being ready for life and work: we offer an education deeply grounded in ideas and cross-disciplinary understanding, applied through innovative, enterprising practice to solving problems and meeting the needs of our community. Our goal is to offer life-changing experiences, and to shape the world with the talent, knowledge and learning capability that we share. J.S. University is an amazing institution. We all have a role to play in renewing it. Join us.