A placement cell in any university, college or an institute plays an integral role of bringing employee and employer – on a common platform.

The most significant resource of any civilized society is its . trained and skilled manpower. In the contemporary competitive world, education is not just a mode of . . transmitting knowledge but equipping the students with the contemporary professional skills and ability to take up the global challenges for contributing the society to a greater extent as well as fulfilling their career aspirations, | The University Central Placement Cell was constituted since its inception, the Cell is helping the students to identify the organizations for training and placement. The members of placement and training cell will be devoting their time and energy in shaping the future of the students through innovative ways and means. Further, Campus Interviews are organized to provide opportunity to the Students to showcase their talent and to facilitate them to be placed in various organizations across India and Abroad. The Placement Cell is dedicated to support the students in their pursuit to get jobs in the esteemed organizations. In addition to this specialized lecture, workshops and job fairs are organized to provide students different platforms to attain their respective heights.