Education is truly valuable only when it leads to flowering of the true personality of young minds and helps to bring out the best in them towards a larger cause of nation building. A young mind with self-confidence, pride in his/her own rich heritage and a frame of mind and skills to address the contemporary issues faced inthe society is the building block of a progressive society.
There are no short-cuts to excellence — it is the collective effort of the faculty, management and students that will get us closer to achieving our dream. | look forward to working with all our stakeholders and well-wishers in this challenging journey towards our goal. It is our collective responsibility to realise the maxim that Shri Krishna laid out in Bhagavad Gita: nahi jfianena sadrsam pavitramiha vidyate — there is nothing more pristine than knowledge.
It is my pleasure to welcome every student and the parent sharing this vision into the portals of the University. I am confident that you will feel proud on being associated with us and make us equally proud with your academic excellence.