Why Choose Us

Why Choosing J.S.

By Choosing J.S you're choosing a global university recognized for leadership and innovation in technology, design and enterprise. At J.S you'll learn from experts in your field of study, while benefitting frorn our strong industry connections and a curriculum influenced by the latest industry trends. We offer you an education that equips you for success through practical industry training, global study opportunities and innovative programs delivered by experts at the forefront of their fields, A degree from J.S University will give you the skills and knowledge to make you employable, anywhere inthe world,

Global Opportunities

Enrich your studies with an experience tailored to your academic and personal interests. Whether you're a vocational education, undergraduate, or postgraduate student, there's a global opportunity for you.

Why Choose Us?

A Transformative Experience

Studying at JSU is a transformative experience that will see you exposed to new people, places and ideas,

Skill-Based Education

Students graduate equipped with world-class technical skills as well as an in- depth understanding of current industry practices, J.S University specializes in practical, industry-based learning designed to give you the skills and direct experience that employers value.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

JSU's campuses are continually evolving to meet the demands of modern study. You'll find innovative buildings equipped with industry-standard facilities, modern technology and sustainable features. No matter what you study or at which campus, you'll have access to spaces and facilities designed for you to explore, learn, research and create.
"The JSU aims to nurture young minds and educate them, so that they contribute to the nation's development."

Our People Are The Lifeblood of JSU

Our teachers and centre staff are passionate about sharing knowledge and nurturing our students, and work tirelessly to ensure our students receive the best possible care and support while away from home. Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and enjoy an enriched study and living experience at our study centres,

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JS University, Shikohabad is the ‘Dream Come True’ of Shri Jagdish Singh Ji, through Sri Jagdish Jan Kalyan Educational Trust which is working seriously in the field of quality education for rural area students since long back. Dynamic educationist Dr. Sukesh Kumar working vigorously in expanding the Colleges of this Trust in terms of a well planned University.

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